Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Real Talk Wednesday...Why it's sometimes better not to be perfect.

Everyone has a favorite quote, an inspirational saying that they always go back to for some reason or another.
This is mine. It's my favorite because I often trip up myself, hold myself back from doing many things because of the fear of not being perfect. How many of you can relate to this? You have an idea, or a goal, or just a plain desire to try something new, only to start and get stuck? You get stuck because the voice in your head starts to say things like..."oh you don't do this as well as so and so." or,  "really? who do you think you are? You are too young, too old, too out of shape, not pretty enough, etc..." I am a perfectionist at heart. I don't believe that there is anything that I shouldn't be able to do. And here in lies my problem....yes, I believe in myself, but I also believe that everything should be perfect and amazing right off the bat, and this simply is not true. "So and so" didn't become amazing overnight or accomplish XYZ overnight either, so why do I believe that I have to? This idea of "perfectionism" is holding me back. Instead of reveling in the tiny milestones of my progress, my advancement, I put myself down, and eventually get myself stuck. I soon find fear setting in, and once that happens it's a hard climb back out.  So, I often come back to this quote to remind me that being imperfect is perfect, because no one knows it all in the beginning. Its how we learn to do things, what eventually drives us forward to be great, and will one day make us that "so and so" to someone else.

Go out and be a beginner!

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