Monday, February 4, 2013

Huge Jewelmint disappointment plus jewelry haul!

I have heard good things about Jewelmint before, so I was more than excited that I got a credit in one of my popsugar must have boxes to try them out. I opted for the "mystery box" which would contain 4-5 pieces of selected jewelry. I am no stranger to "mystery boxes" I subscribe to two of them every month with my subscribtion boxes. However, when this box arrived I was more than disappointed and so very glad I didn't spend my hard earned money on it. I haven't been so disappointed in a product in forever and I was just so shocked that they charge $29.99 for what I recieved.  Check out my video below, which shows not only what I got but a jewelry haul of my own. A haul that shows pieces that are also $29.99 or below. It is my humble opinion, my haul is a much better deal ;)

Photos of my haul:

Let me know, do you buy things off of Are they much better, the same or worse than the items I recieved?
Till next time,

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