Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy's Fashion Round up! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Grammy's were last night and the red carpet was full of fahion do's and don'ts. Here are my picks for best and worst dressed and everything in between.

Let's start with the so-so....

Carrie Underwood gets the Most Typical Award. Her Roberto Cavalli dress is beautiful and her in it, but for once I'd like to see Carrie take a risk.

Beyonce in Osman by Osman Yousefzada gets the Most Understated Award. I love this pantsuit, and black and white is so on trend for spring, but I kinda feel like she forgot she was at an awards show, it is what it is.

Now the Bad....

Florence Welch in head to toe Givency. I like the color but Florence gets the Most Likely to be Confused with a Dinosaur Award. Perhaps if this dress were in a different color it would have looked awesome.

Kimbra in a Jaime Lee dress gets the WTF Award. This dress is confused and reminds me of a bad sea urchin.

The Most Desperate Award goes to Jennifer Lopez in a Anthony Vaccavello dress. JLo had to know that Angelina Jolie already did the slit leg look, except Jolie's dress was much much nicer. Plus that teletubbie bun just made this look awfuly desperate for attention

The Worst Dressed for me goes to Adele. I love Adele, and I think she is a beautiful woman, but I think this dress does absolutely nothing for her, except accentuate all the bad parts of her body. Plus, the print reminds me of a couch. I've seen Adele in gorgeous dresses that accentuate all the Right parts..this was just an epic fail to me.

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture gets the Most Sexy Award. That dress is on fire! Her accesories were green emerald rings and just gorgeous!

Katy Perry in Gucci gets the Boobilicious Award. Listen, we were all thinking it, that rack is pretty nice! I loved the dress and the color. I loved her hair that, Thank God! is back to all black. I do however think she was a little busty for this dress, but overall gets a pass.

The Most Beautiful Award goes to Rhianna in Azzedine Alaia. Hands down this is the most gorgeous Rhinanna has ever looked. The dress was stunning and her hair was perfection! The only reason she doesn't get best dressed from me is because the gown was see through. I understand being body confident and not giving a s***, but I believe that if you are going to wear a gown that beautiful and classy, you could have had a tailor sew some extra fabric underneath to keep from being so exposed.

Finally, My Best Dressed Award goes to Taylor Swift. This J Mendel Grecian inspired gown was just stunning on Miss Swift. It was sexy and sophisticated. There was just enough sex appeal without having to put it all out there. She looked like an old world movie star, so classy. Most people will say that it was boring and typical Taylor, but I say it was Taylor to perfection. She could have easily went from the Grammy's to the Oscars in that one dress. AND that is a fashion star.

So who were your favorites?

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