Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four more years of Michelle Obama's Fashion!

The Presidential election is over, the winner has been chosen by the people, and Barack Obama will hold the position for four more years. Some of you are ecstatic about this, others are disappointed, and some have no opinion either way. BUT for fashionistas around the US, regardless of what we think politically, having the first lady Michelle Obama to follow around for four more years is a win win. Mrs. Obama is somewhat of a style icon. She's not the traditional fashionista for most of us, but there is something to be said about her fashion choices. As far as white house fashion goes, it's quite laid back, casual yet chic, and accessible. Accessibility is what makes her so great, much like the Dutchess of Cambridge Katherine Middleton. Both of these ladies, while they differ in style and look, have accessibility in common. They wear fashion that you and I can go buy off the RACK. Not from some fancy schmancy designer, not personally tailored made, but clothes from J. crew, topshop, the gap. Affordable.  In a world where these ladies could get their hands on just about anything, they choose to wear what you and I do, and that just makes them likeable.

Michelle Obama is just that,whether you agree with her husband or not. Take last night's Election Night.  A night where she knew she'd be photographed for all of history. She could have picked any designer to wear, and what did she wear?

A Michael Kors Silk chine Shift dress in magenta with a black shrug. The greatest thing about that dress, was that she had worn it twice before.

First in 2009 at a holiday party

and again at a medal of honor ceremony in 2010

When asked why she chose that dress? Her answer was a  simple "I like it"
A first lady who recycles outfits? Well that's not only likeable, that's relatable. No matter, Michelle and the entire first family looked great!

What did you think of the First Lady's outfit choice?

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