Friday, November 2, 2012

Beauty News! Karl Lagerfield, Revlon and Nars!

Happy Friday Bombshells! I love new products and product launches, and there are a couple that are just making me giddy as a school girl. One of them is the colloboration between the iconic Karl Lagerfield and Shu Uemura. With the creation of Mon Shu, his 17 piece collection is fun, vibrant and gorgeous. Take a look. I personally love those lashes!


Meanwhile at a drugstore near you, you may or may not have seen Revlon's newest collaboration with Gucci Westman to bring you The Shanghai Collection.

The colors are rich and jeweled toned for fall, but probably my favorite part about the whole thing are the nail stencils. They are hard to find!

Finally Nars is set to release the remaining of their Andy Warhol holiday collection today. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty cool. Taking the artist's image and placing it into an eyeshadow pallette is cool! Not to mention all the other fun stuff they have in this collection!

That's this week's beauty news!!! Have a wonderful weekend Bombshells!!

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