Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unveiling popsugar's must have September box!

I subscribed to a new monthly subscription box. Now, if you subscribe to things like Birchbox, glossy box or myglam, you know how fun it is to receive these boxes in the mail each month. Not only do they feel like monthly presents to yourself, but you get introduced to new products.  I find this important in the beauty world. There are sooo many products to try, but who wants to spend the money on them only to have them not work out? In comes the monthly beauty box. BUT... this box is different. It's not all about Beauty, it's about things for your home, office, fashion and beauty. It cost $35 a month. While that may seem a lot, the retail value of each box is over a $100, and I can attest that popsugar did NOT disappoint.
Take a look at the amazingness I recieved.....

Do you subscribe to this box? If not You can click the link below to sign up for your own must have box ;) I know I can't wait until the next one!!

Kiss Kiss,

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