Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Think Pink! Shop Smart for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's  officially October and that means two things....Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the month where everything is either orange and black or Pink. Although I love Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness is a very important time for women, it reminds all of us of those that we have lost, those who are currently fighting, and those that have beat breast cancer. Most importantly, it reminds us women that we should be doing self exams on our tatas every month.
We all want to do something, give something, so we often pick up the nearest pink thing and think "oh, I've contributed to breast cancer." However, this is sadly not true. Many manufactures will paint their product pink and claim the proceeds go to breast cancer. The reality is maybe 1 cent on the dollar will go to the cause, and this is for many many products.
I don't know about you, but I know that if I'm buying something for any cause, I want to know that the majority of my money is going to it, and it not being used as a marketing ploy.
So? How do you know that special edition pink item you are buying is really going to Breast Cancer research? You do your homework and you read the fine print. Be wary of companies that claim "a portion of the proceeds" go to research. Often times these are a portion of the total volume sales or penny's on the dollar. Pick companies that clearly state what portion is being committed to research, whether that's 10%, 20% or 100%. These are companies that have made a commitment to their foundations. Here are some of the items that are donating all or most of the money from your purchase to Breast Cancer research. Spend your money here first.

The Loft by Ann Taylor has a Loft Cares Card which you purchase for $25. It gives you 20% off on all purchases of $100 or more, and is good at all Ann Taylor stores through November 15th. The best part? 90% of your card purchase goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That's a deal with a cause.

 Next up is Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder is a huge supporter of Breast cancer research, and has donated tremendous funds towards finding a cure. Evelyn was a woman who strongly believed in this cause, so it's no surprise that the Estee Lauder has created an entire line entitled the "Dream collection" where proceeds of every purchase go to breast cancer research. The most note worthy? The Evelyn Lauder Dream Compact. $75 where 100% of the purchase price gets donated. 100%!!!

Red Flower a candle and bath company is donating 100% of the sale of their Japanese Peony Candle to Cancer and Careers. That's your entire $34 to a charity helping women battling the disease help keep their jobs.
20% of your purchase of Ciate wonder twinset goes to  UK based charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Make your nail art this month count.

Coach will donate 20% on any one of these items purchased here:

Remember Bombshells, Think Pink! this month, but shop smart!
and don't forget to do monthly self breast exams, it can save your life.

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