Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween and DIY Costumes!

If you don't know, Halloween is my most favorite time of the year. More than Christmas, more than summer and more than ANYTHING! Why? I think my love for Halloween started as a very young girl, where my mom would take me to the fabric store to pick out a pattern for my halloween costume, where I always picked some sort of princess. My mom would then set to make it until the big day, where my costume was always ALWAYS so beautifully made. We would do my hair, my makeup and I always felt so unbelievably pretty. I looked forward to it every year. As I grew older and out of my princess stage, the costume aspect of halloween stayed with me.
Which brings us to present day, I live for making halloween costumes! The stranger the concept the better. I've been a rubber ducky, popcorn, a bird in a nest, and the Fourth of July complete with flashing fireworks, just to name a few.
I realize that not everyone has my passion for this holiday, or the time or the budget to create one of a kind costumes, however, that does not mean that you can not create your own fabulously unique costume.

Starting next week I will be showing you how to make easy DIY costumes out of items that most of you already have in your closet. Because the secret to a great costume is not necessarily the outfit, but the details. The way you do your hair, your makeup, your accessories. Besides, I find it ridiculous that the Halloween and party stores charge $30-$50 for a costume that includes no accesories and  is just the cheaply made polyester dress/outfit. Let me show you how to take that same amount of money, take it to your local mall and buy something that you can wear after Halloweeen is done.
DIY Costumes are easy, and require just a bit of imagination. The best part is that even if you are a Witch, at least you'll be a unique one amongst the million of store bought ones.

In the meantime here are some photos of my costumes! Hope you like them!

Rubber Ducky, complete with orange feet and bubbles that you can't see....

A director and his popcorn! I handed out popcorn balls that day!

 The fourth of July! I lined my tutu with fiber optics, so although you can't see it here, it would change colors! Plus blinking lights that looked like fireworks going off. It was a very special effect.

Bird in a nest. My most random costume that I absolutely love! It came out so much better than I ever expected!

I'd love to hear what you'd like to see how to make!
Happy Haunting,

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