Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall TV Line Up! Your must see TV shows for Fall.

There are many things I love about fall, and one of them is the return of my favorite TV shows and the introduction of some new ones. That begins this week! So, where are your favorite shows starting and which should you watch out for?

Fall TV starts Tonight! with the premiere of The Voice on Fox at 8:00pm. Who here loves the voice? Who here loves Christina? I know I love her and despite all the backlash on her weight, I still love her.

Monday September 24th brings back How I met your mother, where we find out who is Barney marrying? and the All star season of Dancing with the Stars.

at 9:00pm on Monday the 17th brings back 2 broke girls, Which if you haven't checked out before, you are missing out on funny stuff. And the premiere of the Mob Doctor on Fox. A tale about a young doctor with morals working for the mob and being asked to do unmoral things. I'll be checking out this drama for sure.

at 10pm premiering on the 17th on NBC is the much anticipated show Revolution, About what happens when the world goes dark and we have to start all over again. I'm most excited about this premiere, I hope its good.

On Tuesdays New Girl returns on the 25th at 8:00pm, my favorite show ever! I love Zooey. Followed by Ben and Kate at 8:30. I've seen the premiere and it shows promise. It's a quirky show followed by the quirky Deschanel. This is a good pairing.

NBC has the new Matthew Perry series Go On about therapy sessions and The Mindy Project. I've seen both and both are OK. While Mindy is funny, she comes off as a bit desperate for my taste, Funny or not, no one likes a desperate girl.

On Wednesdays brings the X-factor!! AAAAAAHH can i say that am I not only excited to see Britney Spears, but I'm excited to see a mean girl spears. She appears to come off as quite tough as a judge in the previews, lets hope she stays that way. Paired with the former train wreck of Demi Lovato and I see an entertaining hour.

Glee has moved to Thursdays. Let me repeat that, Glee has been moved to Thursdays at 9pm. Which is  a problem for me because Grey's Anatomy is also at 9pm on Thursdays. However, I do know what I'll channel I'll be on. It's the one with the plane.

10pm brings up Scandal, where we find out, who that girl really is, and the Real Housewives of Miami. I know a lot of you are excited about that!

Fridays are light, with the only good show being Fringe on Fox at 9pm

Sundays! whohoo this is the powerhouse night for networks. ABC is packing a punch, starting off the night at 8pm with Once upon a time.  With Desperate Housewives gone ABC has filled it's spot with its biggest show...REVENGE has moved to sundays at 9pm followed by the ever creepy 666 park ave. at 10.

CBS is not taking the challenge lightly with its own power line up of  the Amazing Race at 8pm, The Good wife at 9pm (whyyyy?? thank god for DVR) and the Mentalist at 10.

Everything else doesn't matter, EXCEPT for HBO's Boardwalk Empire which is also at 9pm on Sunday.

So there you have it What can you not wait to watch again? What new shows will you be catching? Don't forget to set those DVR's!

Happy Watching!

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