Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The $20 Make up Challenge!

There is a tag going around YouTube that challenges you to make up your face using items that total up to 20 dollars and not a cent more. I took the challenge, and let me tell you Bombshells, it was not an easy task. I am, however glad I did it.

You learn two things when you take this challenge. 1) The ridiculous amount of money we spend on our cosmetics and 2) that 20 dollars can go a long way.

Of course this challenge can only take place at your local drugstore and the first thing you will notice? Foundation is quite pricey. As I browsed through the aisles I found that most foundations now days, even the more inexpensive brands, are going to run you at least $7-$8, while most are in the $10-$12 range. Luckily, I found one that fit the challenge and was surprised to find that it was one I was already using. It's Maybelline's Fit Foundation in # 230 for $5!!

Next was eyeshadows, and I was just as surprised to find that those are equally pricey. When looking at eyeshadows, one is not nearly enough to create a layered eye look, and I wanted to be able to create that in this challenge. So I found an amazing palette for $4.99 that not only gave 4 shadows but a highlighter and primer as well. It's NYC's eye palette in Smokin' Browns.

I also got a black mascara from NYC, a lip gloss in fuchsia and a blush from Wet n' Wild in Heather Silk.

Finally I headed over to e.l.f. where I could have easily taken this challenge by only using products from this line, but I wanted to challenge myself!  So I settled for a Kohl eyeliner in black and a pair of false lashes complete with glue included! I think  I was most excited about those!

All in all I think I did a decent job, and I did only spend $20, BUT I did realize that I cheated in the end as I ended up using a e.l.f. contour brush to blend the shadow inadvertently ;(, so total with brush was more like $23! Still, I think that's pretty darn good! Given what makeup costs these days, I think I found a pretty good alternative to some of the pricier stuff.

As you know I whole heartedly believe that just because something costs more, doesn't mean it's better.

Take a look at the final product and let me know, Would you be able to take on this challenge?


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