Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tune in Tuesday! My picks on the hottest music of the week!

Hi Bombshells! This is a post I normally write on my other blog, but thought I'd carry it over to here and see how you liked it? After all Bombshells need good music to feel beautiful too right? These songs are chart toppers, my predictions for the next chart toppers, and of course just what I like!
Lets' begin, this week my chart toppers are upbeat and will get you feeling the heat!

First let's welcome BTR with "Windows Down". It's really hard not to love it as it samples Blur heavily!


Next is everyone's favorite girl from down under, Kylie Minogue with "Timebomb".....

Jumping on what seems to be the summer of Carly Rae is Owl City featuring Miss Jepsen with "Good Time"

Also jumping on a bandwagon is  Justin Bieber, but he's jumping on the hottest music craze there is right now, EDM.  His "As long as you love me" is different than what you're used to, and I like it!

Keeping on that EDM vibe, let's cross the pond to the number 1 song on the UK Charts Will.I.Am featuring Eva Simmons "Is this Love?"

And finally I thought I'd start to include a flashback at to what we were loving this time a while ago. This week in 2000 Enrique Iglesias was topping the charts with "Be with you". Remember this? lol.

Have a Rockin' Week!!

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