Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tune in Tuesday! Gwen, Avicii and Chris Brown

Hey Bombshells! This week's Tune in Tuesday is one I'm excited for, mostly because it marks the return of one of my favorite bands! Let's begin....

We've waited a  long time for this reunion and it's finally here!! NO DOUBT is back. A couple of things..1) Gwen looks AMAZING! and I'm glad that she's No Doubt quirky punk Gwen and not glamour Gwen . 2) check out her arm candy! 3) Thank you for coming back!

I've featured these two girls before, and here they are with their new single, it's Nervo with "You're gonna love again."

He debuts his new single this week and is sure to be a hit. Chris Brown with "Don't wake me up"

We all loved "Levels" and now "Silhouettes" is making major jumps on the dance charts. It's Avicii.

And finally Tune in Tuesday's flashback. This week in 1995 this song topped the charts. It's TLC's Waterfalls. I loved this song! How about you?

Have a Rockin' Week!!

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