Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London 2012 Hottest Olympic Athletes!

Yes, the Olympics celebrate great athletes, but with all that muscle floating around, its no wonder that the Olympics also bring some HOT Eye Candy. These London Olympics do not disappoint, while the USA has Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and LoLo Jones, What about all the hotties from around the world? Surely they have their own right? OH YES they do! Check out my top 10 picks.

Alberto Botia from Spain, plays soccer. This 27 year old is a dead ringer for Ricky Martin, no?

Meet Brazilian volleyball player Jaqueline Carvalho. At 6'1" and body that doesn't disappoint, one can't help but cheer on Brazil!

I'm pretty sure if Camille Le Court came swimming to your end of the pool, you'd melt. This 6'7" swimmer from France has us all saying Ooh La La!

I don't think that Synchronized Swimming gets the attention it deserves. With the addition of this beauty Jenna Randall from the UK, trust me, they will start to pay attention.

He can handle the rings, the vault, and the pummel horse, but can we handle him? Phillipp Boy from Germany is the hottie gymnast showing you his moves on the floor

What is it about Volleyball? Meet Marta Menegatti one half a super beach volleyball team for Italy. At 5'11" its not wonder she can model more than just volleyball.

If you like your men a little more rough around the edges, then let me introduce you to Clement Russo, the boxer from Italy.

This next lady gets more play on the runway than on the track, but she's here to show you her Javelin skills.  Leryn Franco from Paraguay.

This swimmer from down under, shows us why it may be necessary to make a trip to Australia. Its James Magnussen

Finally, The UK has a classic beauty in their cyclist Victoria Pendelton.

Well there you have it, some eye candy for you to watch out for in the 2012 London Olympic games. Who's your favorite?

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