Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get out of your slump day hump day! Motivate me Wednesday!

If you are like me Wednesday's are the hardest days to get motivted to work out. Most of us have been at work for Yikes! 2 days and the stress is kicking in. If you are like me, you often go home tired and unmotivated only to find an excuse to skip your workouts all togehter. Then comes Thursday and you're upset you missed last night's workout and figure "oh I'll just start again next week."
The hardest part about working out is sticking to a routine, it's a constant uphill battle, even for the seasoned of us. So how do we stay motivated to get out there and just do it? Here are some motivational thoughts to keep you on track..

1) Think about how good you feel in your clothes after a workout. You just feel skinnier, even if you haven't lost any real pounds. That feeeling is worth moving. ;)

2) A completed workout is an accomplishment for the day. Maybe you didn't finish that project at home or at work today,but you can finish a workout. Mini accomplishments are essential to daily fulfillment.

3) When was the last time you updated your music?  Good music can get you in the mood to move. So download some new songs and playlists. There are many podcasts that are available for free  every week!

4)Sometimes making an appointment to meet a friend is the best way to get you out there and moving! So motivate each other and make a workout date!

5) Finally reward yourself!! Reward yourself with non food items throughout the month. If you complete your weekly goals - a pedicure! Your monthly goals? That outfit you've had your eyes on!

So get out of the slump and push yourself today!

Happy Wednesday!

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