Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinspire me! I workout out....

We are one week away from entering the summer months. For many of you that means stepping into a bathing suit of some kind, for some of you that means avoiding a bathing suit of some kind ;) Reality is most of us wish we were in better shape than we currently are, but excuses seem to filter their way in. This week's Pinspire me is to push you into getting out there and move! You would be surprised how little effort and time is needed to make a positive impact on your health. So here is some inspiration to perhaps keep you going or inspire you to start moving!
I tried to only post photos of either quotes or of women portraying strength. I find it important that with all the media images we are bombarded with that we stay away from all the photos of half naked girls with great looking bodies. The reality is most of will never get below a certain weight or have those perfect abs that we think we need to have, that doesn't mean you are not strong and fearless. Every BODY is different and so keep in mind that perfection doesn't come in a cookie cutter frame! Happy Wednesday!

So Dirty Bombshells, what do you do to stay motivated? For more inspiration make sure to check out our fitness board and follow us on pinterest for more creative ideas!


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