Monday, May 21, 2012

Mani Mondays!

 Hello Dirty Bombshells! It's just another Mani Monday! This week I came across some Nail Polish that had an odd twist to it. It's nail polish that smells good after its dry. Almost like a scratch and sniff but without the scratching. They are Revlon's Scented  Parfume Nail Polish. 

That's right, the claim is that these nail polishes are supposed to smell when they dry. I picked up Mad about Mango which is a pretty coral color and Grape Icy, a pretty metallic purple. 

Well Dirty Bombshells, I'm hear to tell you that these nail polishes do smell yummy. When applying the polish you can get a whiff of the fragrance. Once dry, there is definitely that whiff of mango and grapes. Grape Icy was much more fragrant and present than Mad about Mango.  Both colors were exceptionally pretty and make for a great color combo. If you want something fun and different, definitely try them out. Bonus: CVS has all Revlon nail polishes for $4.99 Plus $3 extra bucks rewards for every purchase. 

Have a Mani Monday! 

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