Monday, May 14, 2012

Mani Mondays!- Luxe vs. Less

Hello Dirty Bombshells! Welcome to my new Monday's, where it's all about NAILS!! I've learned you love nails and all things nail related, and so I'm dedicating Monday's as Mani days.  This week I've been looking all over for a couple of colors but found them to be much more than I'd like to spend for polish. So, I discovered two Luxe vs. Less deals!
First up is Chanel's Mimosa. Do you know how hard it is to find a good yellow nail polish? It's hard. Some are too sallow looking, others way too bright, but Mimosa is perfection. However at $25 dollars a bottle, that's more than i wanted to splurge on.

Enter Essie. At only $8 a bottle "Shorty pants" from Essie is a steal! 

There is the introduction of metallics and prismatic colors, with their holographic, color changing effects. 
 I found China Glaze's Prismatic Colors at a Splurge for about $7-$8 a bottle. 
and Wet N Wild's Steal of $1.99 a bottle for their Color icon Bejeweled collection.

Finally, I came across O.P.I.'s new Spiderman Collection. I leave you with wondering which will be your new favorite. 

Have a Mani Monday!

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