Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trendy Thursday! =- NEON

Trendy Thursday! =- NEON

Dirty Bombshells this Trendy Thursday's trend is so bright you've gotta wear shades! I'm talking NEON!  Don't run away quite yet, it's not your 80's neon, its so much more sophisticated. How you wear it and how much you wear it has taken a previously fashion don't to a YES! Please! If you plan on trying this trend, remember that less is more. Key pieces or even just one piece works best if you are unsure of how to pair it. Otherwise, mixing different color neon together makes not only a bold statement but a uniform look. 

Neon Yellow is a favorite choice

Neon Pink

So Dirty Bombshells, What's your favorite Neon Color?
Do you love or hate this trend?


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