Monday, April 30, 2012

Pinspire me! It's an Arm Candy, Arm Party!

Happy Monday Dirty Bombshells! You may or may not have heard of a little party happening on wrists around the world ;) The concept of an "arm party" is not new, but the idea of calling bracelets arm candy is. I couldn't think of a better name as some bracelets really are deliciously looking pieces of "candy". So, how do you achieve this arm candy look? Well I've gathered some pins to get you pinspired on creating your own party. Basically, anything goes, but popular looks are anchored by at least one large piece, whether that be a large watch or bracelet. Take a look and find your pinspiration.....

For much more inspiration, I've created an Arm Party! Board for you and don't forget to follow us on pinterest for more pinspiration! 



  1. I heart arm candy! Usually I always stack on the left arm only though... is this the right arm or the wrong arm?

    1. No arm is the wrong arm! Arm candy is meant to be fun!


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