Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tried and True...for Damaged HAIR!

Once upon a time I decided I wanted to be a redhead. Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal if my current hair color wasn't near black.  Any good stylist would have told me that wasn't going to happen, but the one I went to did. She color stripped and bleach washed my hair in one process. Now if any stylist ever tells you this, learn from me and RUN.  I was a red head after that day, but my hair was near ready to fall completely out. I would run a comb through and my hair would break off in every which end. I ran to the salon and bought every conditioning hair treatment/repair/mask I could find. I could review them all, but none impressed thoroughly as this.  I only wish that I had come across this mask sooner.

In my birch box this month was a sample of Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing hair mask. Its claim to fame is that it reduces breakage by 96% in one single use. This mask is no joke. After one use, my hair was not only silky smooth, it had bounce and shine. Now as I said before I've used the overpriced Kerastase, Redken''s Anit-Snap, name it, but none worked like this.  Ok, so my hair is no longer as damaged as it once was, but I can only imagine if it works even better on damaged hair.

Carol's Daughter is an organic line that started out targeting the needs of African American Hair and beauty, but is for every hair and type.  The line uses only organic items like bamboo water, Monoi Oil, and Hydrolyzed silk.  What's even better is what it does Not contain : paraben, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial colors.  Did I mention it smells like Heaven? It does

It also has quite the cult celebrity following and for good reason, It works unbelievably well.  The price of   $29.00 is quite competitive to Kerastase's $74, and in my opinion does a much better job of repairing your hair.
The difference can be seen in just one application.

Dirty Bombshells I tried Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask and I loved it!!

Happy Shopping!

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