Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trendy Thursday!

It's Thursday Dirty Bombshells and that means I've got a great new trend for you! This week's trend is one that I'm finding that is catching on slowly but clearly coming up short with celebrities. What is it?


You may have noticed that many of your favorite celebrities have all of sudden gone from long luscious locks to short and sassy do's.  The funny thing is they are going short on the pixie side, there is no in between's here.  My mother has always said that women with short hair were truly the most beautiful, as there was no hair to hide behind. Years later, I've got to agree with Mom.  A short haircut can bring out your most striking features, features that you may or may not have known were there.

Here are some recent celebs who have taken the plunge and chopped off that hair.

Emma Watson went from  a very pretty girl with long hair, forever known as Hermione Granger:

To a undeniable fashion beauty:

Hayden Panettiere went from blonde cheerleader:

to grown up sexy:

Dianna Argon chopped her hair and it made the news.  From this:

to this:

Vanessa Hudgens:

Ashlee Simpson:

Evan Rachel Wood:

Elisha Cuthbert:

Ginnifer Goodwin:

Michelle Williams:

Victoria Beckham:

There really is something about the pixie cut, or short hair in general that really screams look at me. There is nothing to hide behind, nothing to play with or twirl, just look at THAT is sexy, and takes an extremely confident girl to pull it off.  I suspect as we get into fall you will notice more and more stars chopping off their hair. 

What do you think Dirty Bombshells are you brave enough to even think about doing this trend??
I'm thinking about it....

Go out and be Trendy!

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