Friday, September 2, 2011

Luxe vs. Less

There used to be a time where face makeup came in a cream formula or a cake packed formula. There were no pressed foundations, and there certainly was no such thing as mineral makeup. Then came along Bare Esentuals and their mineral makeup line and the game was dramatically changed. Here was a foundation that came in a loose powder form that was supposed to to not only cover like a liquid but be gentle enough on your skin that you could sleep in it. Women went crazy for it and now nearly every single brand has its own mineral makeup line.

This week in Luxe vs. Less I compare Bare Essentuals to a less expensive brand.

Let's start with Bare Esentuals. The mineral makeup comes in a loose powder form. It comes without brush and is recommend you purchase the kabuki brush for nice even coverage. A container of this foundation is going to run you $26, with the added kabuki brush for $28. This foundation is light and has buildable coverage.  There are however, some things I don't like about Bare Esentuals. For one the color of foundations are slightly off, so that a true match is often difficult to achieve. I find that they don't have the in between colors, so that one has to essentially buy two and mix them together to achieve a good skin tone match. That's essentially paying $52.  All of their colors are also naturally more yellow based as to give the skin a warmer glow, which is great unless you are a cool undertone.  It does have a nice even coverage, and buffs into the skin beautifully.

Now like I mentioned before nearly every line has its own mineral line now, and I've played with nearly all. I came across one in particular however, that I was blown away with.
It is Maybelline's Mineral Power Powder Foundation.

Now I must explain that up until I tried the Maybelline foundation I was a die hard Bare Esentuals fan. Until I found Maybelline. Let me tell you why.
This foundation comes in truer colors than Bare's does, right off the bat. I was able to find a matching skin tone color without it having any kind of undertones.

This foundation covers better than Bare's.  Bare has a good coverage, but Maybelline's is excellent. What I would have to use in 3-4 passes with Bare's, I used maybe 1-2. Now, you read that and think "oh well that's because it's heavier." but it is not.  It does not feel heavy on the face at all, it feels as if you are wearing nothing. The best part is that it has an unbelievable matte coverage,  no sparkle, no iridescence, just you. This is an excellent alternative, if not a better one, than Bare Escentuals.

A jar of Maybelline will cost you about $8 and comes with a brush. However, the brush will do the job, but it's not very good, you are better off buying a decent face brush from a different brand and using that.

So Dirty Bombshells? I know which I Love but which is better? Is More better, or less is more? The choice is yours, you decide.

Happy Shopping,

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