Monday, September 26, 2011

Beauty Full Mondays!!!

Happy Monday Dirty Bombshells!!! I hope your weekend was filled with fun and accomplishment, and even if it wasn't, the great thing is weekends come every week ;)
Now, we all know that Monday's are rough but there is one thing we can all do to make it better. It's as simple as a SMILE. Yes, a simple smile can turn your negative day into a good one. Just try it, force it if you have to to, you'll find yourself genuinely smiling in no seconds at all. The best thing is smiles are contagious!! Try it at work, see how many people ask why you are in such a good mood.
Babies do it naturally at birth, it takes less muscles to smile than frown, and there are known to be at least 19 different kinds of smiles. Smiling can also actually boost your immune system, so be healthy and happy and show them that inner beauty!

Happy Monday!!!

Show them your smiles Bombshells!!

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