Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Words Hurt.....Love is Louder

My good friend Lolly is an amazing girl because she has a loving heart. She constantly works to donate to various causes through her crowdrise account and by bringing awareness to all of us on issues we may or may not know about.  Her current campaign is for an issue called Love is Louder benefiting the JED foundation to help provide assistance to programs that encourage students to seek help when they need it, help students live life with a more positive state of mind. This cause is such an important one today with bullying and mean girls and one that hits incredibly home to me. 

Words are just words right? They don't mean anything after they are said, right?  You can take them back with a sorry, right? Sometimes we say things that aren't meant and we often think, oh I didn't mean anything by it.  Words...said in the right frame, in the right way can become someone's living nightmare. The truth is Words Hurt. Not the truth, but words, true or not, can knock you down harder than a punch.

I used to be a girl in a relationship with a boy I thought I loved more than anything. I was with him for 5 years. In those 5 years he told me I was fat, I was ugly, I was stupid, I was a slut, I was a whore, I was an idiot, I was good for nothing. Now,I was a smart enough girl to know that none of those things he said were true. I was the opposite of all those things, but he told me everyday. One day I started to second guess myself and thought maybe I am fat, I'll eat less.  The next week, I thought, wow maybe I shouldn't do that, how stupid of me. The next year turned into the next and before you knew it I went from a confident woman to one who couldn't understand how I got where I was or how to get out.  I was broken. I had no confidence in myself, and I hated who I was.
But those are the power of words. They stick like glue, even though they taught you as a child that they didn't. They crawl into your most inner insecurities and they fester. They grow doubt like weeds, so that before you know it, you don't know who to believe.

I share this with all of you because words, mean words are being spread more and more rampantly everyday. Cyberbullies, mean girls, and abusive partners are saying words that grow hate within ourselves. This hate is leading to an alarming rise in suicide because again words are beating inside our heads telling us we are not good enough.

Words are powerful, more powerful than we give them credit for....and they can spread love and joy and happiness if you let them. It is up to us to stop these words of hate...

I am a girl who after 5 years decided that I was not stupid, an idiot, a slut, a whore or fat. I was smart, bright, honest, funny, and fine just the way I was. In the middle of his rant,  I got up, walked out,  left and never looked back.
I had strength somewhere that so many do not have, and for that I am forever thankful.

I share this with you again so that you can help me to spread Love with words....a simple compliment to the one who looks sad, a word of encourgement to those who look defeated, a simple hello to those who look lonely.

Love is Louder.... say it with words.....

If you wish to donate to this cause you can do it HERE via Lolly's crowdrise page or you can post her link on any one of your social media pages.

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