Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tried and True!

There are two types of girls in this world...a lipstick gal and a lip gloss gal. Some of us tend to flip flop what we are from time to time, but for the most part, you either love your lipstick or you love your gloss.

Gloss, specifically clear lip gloss,  is one of those items that you don't necessarily think of first when you go to the beauty counter. Why should you, when it comes in a rainbow of brilliant different colors? Why choose plain? The Reason is obvious...clear is extremely versatile and it can be used with any color palette.
Bobbi Brown's Lip Gloss in Crystal is a rare gem in the gloss world. Now, I know right now you are saying to yourself that clear gloss is clear gloss, but I am here to assure you it is not.  This Gloss has magic powers... Yes! This gloss has the ability to look like a gloss, shiny and wet, yet doesn't feel like one. What? you say? Impossible!  OK, OK so it doesn't quite feel like a lipstick, but the number one reason why I LOVE Bobbi Brown's gloss is because it doesn't feel like one. There is no sticky or tacky feeling to your lips. Your lips don't feel like they are stuck together with glue when you close them or try to open them.  This gloss is smooth, and its thick.  I realize that when you hear thick you think sticky, but not in this case, in this case thick equals unbelievably shiny. You know when you apply top coat to your nails and you  get a good thick amount of it and it looks so super shiny you wish you could leave it that way on your nails? Well that's what it looks like on your lips without the stickiness.
Don't get me wrong, you're hair is going to stick to it, it is gloss after all, but you are not going to feel like you have shellac on your mouth.  And the shine! oh bombshells I have tried Mac's lipglass, lipgloss, and every other gloss they have, I have tried Stila's, Lancome's, urban decays, cover girl, Maybelline, None hold a gloss wand to this Tube.  That's the other great thing about this gloss, it comes in a tube! and why is that so important you ask? Well you can apply it right over any other lipstick, gloss, stain and you won't contaminate the rest of your gloss like you inevitably do with the wands. You are never left with a pinky, orangey, red concoction of what used to be clear gloss.

I've tried it and I love it! Next time you are at the beauty counter, head over to Bobbi Brown and try it for yourself.


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