Friday, August 26, 2011

How to WORKOUT better....

This week's how to do anything better series is about a topic we all wish we could do more of.....Exercise. So I have enlisted the help of a fellow Dirty Bombshell who will show you how to workout better in 20 minutes.

Angela Zapien is the founder of Pink Ladies Bootcamp that holds outdoor workout session's 3-5 times a week here in San Jose. Her group of "pink ladies" range from the advanced to the beginner and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are there to lose weight and have never worked out before. Others are pros and are there because Angela got them there. They are a group of women that support each other, encourage each other, and motivate each other even after they've left their workout session.  The best part is its realativly inexpensive, only $5 a session. However, if thats a stretch for you, Angela will work it out with you, her goal is just to get you moving.

Angela's love of fitness began with her grandmother and working alongside the great Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, but really started to get into it because she was oddly tired of being called the "skinny" girl.  A challenge she says she still faces today. "Being that skinny girl - Not able to be strong enough. Most people don't understand that even skinny/healthy woman have issues. There are days when I want to just veg out and eat cupcakes but I think of how far I've come physically and mentally and that always motivates me."

It is this motivation that brings her out week after week to motivate these women. She is their personal cheerleader, partly because she has such a love for it. " I went from working at a high stressed job, insecure, to helping people reach their goals and feeling confident in myself. Working out to me is a whole different ball game. I always ask myself "How can I take my strength and ability to another level?" I give all thanks to God for giving me the faith I needed to be confident and strong! Never in my wildest dreams would I be where I am today."

For many of us, the simple thought of working out is a challenge, but for Angela's clients it slowly becomes a habit. She has a loyal following on her facebook fan page and it is filled with praise for their coach. The biggest ones come from those who believied they could never workout and get healthy and it is those clients who refer her to new ones each week.  Her best advice to those who feel that working out is a daunting task? "Start by setting SMALL goals, lay out a plan and stick to it. There will be days when it's hard but DON'T GIVE UP! Giving up is the easiest thing to do but we have to align our mind/heart together - positive thinking and passion will get you to those goals. Lastly, always remember that confidence comes from within."
Finally,  Angela is aware that fitness is not about being the "skinny girl", its about feeling good about who you are and this, I believe, is why her "pink ladies" are her biggest fans.
"I would just add that no matter what, always finish the game with faith and determination. It's not about being a size 2 or looking like the girl on the magazine cover. Confidence and being strong comes from within - Your heart!"
So without further ado, here is a short video of Angela showing you how to work out better. Remember to have plenty of water on hand and to warm up for at least 5 mins. Each Exercise should be done 3x for one minute each at max reps. 

For more info on The Pink Ladies Bootcamp you can click HERE. I hope all you Dirty Bombshells learned how to workout better today!

If you know how to do something better, tell me about it!! I'd love to feature you right here next time!

Have a great workout!

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