Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to do ANYTHING better!

I believe that we should constantly strive to improve ourselves in many facets of our lives. I also believe that even if we believe we know how to do something, even well, there is always someone who knows some trick, some tip, which will make us do that something even better. So Bombshells, this week I introduce my  How to do Anything Better series. Here I will show you how to do simple everyday things that you may know how to do, or may not. My goal is to teach something new, or to add to what you already did. I also would love to hear from you and feature you right here...What do you know how to do better? Be sure to message me here or on our fan page.

I will begin with what some of us do well, but most of dread at one point or another. I'm talking about posing for photos. Do you often wonder how actresses and models always look great in their photos? and why you just can't seem to take one good picture with your eyes open? The secret is you do not have to be a size 0 supermodel to look great in photos, you just need to know these little secrets.

1) Always face the camera partially sideways. I like to call this pose, the T pose. Your feet should form a   T, one points forward the other horizontally.  This does two very important things in making you appear slimmer. It forces you to push your body weight back and it automatically gives you that S shape curve that models have perfected. The pushing of the weight back is the secret to slimmer looking photos.  Never ever fully face the camera with your legs parallel together, you will appear flat and bigger than your counter parts who turn and distribute their weight back and sideways.  Just take a look, there is a reason every star poses this way:

and not like this:

2) Posture, posture, posture! Remember when your mom would hound on you to stand up straight? Well, once again mom is right. Keeping your shoulders back is critical to taking a good photo. Slouching  not only makes you appear heavier, it makes you look shorter, your boobs appear smaller and your tummy bigger . Here is a trick to maintaining good posture right before a photo: take a deep breath, roll your shoulders back and let go of your breath. That right there is perfect posture, doesn't feel too good, but it looks great in your photo.

3) Teapot time! Some people like to call the hand on the hip a teapot pose, but reality is the hand on the hip makes you look thinner vs. hand by your side. The reasoning is simple enough, think of sitting down and how your thigh gets pressed out looking bigger than it is? That's what your arms look like when they just hang there.  I like to think of it this way: Always keep barbie arms. Barbies arm's never went straight they were always bent. So maybe you don't like your hand on your hip? you don't have to place it there, you can place it on your thigh just make sure that elbow is bent and away from your side. I will tell you this though, the higher the arm goes, the thinner it looks ;)

5) Stick your neck out! When we are smiling and having a good time we tend to relax our neck muscles, this leads to the dreaded double chin!! When taking a photo you should always try to stick your neck out forward ever so slightly. The trick here is to not try to crane out your neck, you will only look strained, but to lean your chin (not your body) forward and out towards the camera, feel the muscles in the neck working.

6) Suck it in! Need i explain more? Suck it in before every photo, it makes a world of difference, even if you are already a size 0.

 There you have it Bombshells! Hopefully the next you take a photo you'll use one of these tricks to help you take a picture better!

I would love to know What do you know how to do better?  Don't forget to message me, I may just feature it and you on my page!!

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