Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am SO excited about this weeks Trendy Thursday, that I can't write it quick enough!! This week's trend is starting to gain great momentum and is such a fun and creative thing to do. You've seen your favorite celebs with amazing ones, and now it's at one of your favorite stores so you can create your very own. What is it?


We started seeing big time celebs like Gaga and Beyonce with these crazy designs on their nails, turns out that was the beginning of the newest trend of Nail Art. Taking your 10 fingers and toes and turning them into individual pieces of art to reflect you! They are this summer's hottest accessory!!! The best thing is they can be as unique as you are, and anything goes.

Sephora recently lauched this week its Nail Art Studio which holds not only nail polishes in colors like Don't Feed The Hand Models and Mermaid To Order, but everything you could possibly need to create your own art.  They have rhinestones, adhesive prints, foils, decals, everything you could possibly want to make your nails tiny pieces of art.

Just take a look at all the looks you can create!!

As I write this I have already picked up my own "accessories" to make my own art and I'm so very anxious to get started! Finally nail polish can be more exciting than just "hot pink".  I've included some of Sephora's how to videos on How to create some of their nail art looks.

So Dirty Bombshells, do you love this trend? I know I do! I would love to see some of your own nail art, please post it on our Facebook page!!


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