Monday, July 18, 2011


It's the telltale story of every woman: Apply fabulous lipstick color only to have it come off completely midday, if not the hour. It's frustrating to say the very least. Enter the lip stain... A lip product that promises color staying power that will last all day. The market has recently been flooded with these lip stains, so this weeks Luxe Vs. Less takes a look at 4 for you to decide, is more really best? or is less?

Lip stains have been around for a long time, it wasn't until recently with the rise of Vampire novels and movies that the "just bitten" look arose to mass popularity.  Lip stains give you just that, a flush of natural looking color with supreme staying power. It used to be just pink and reds were available, but now everything from nude to purples are available to adorn your lips.

We will start with Smashbox's limitless lip stain for  $23.  This lip stain has a stain on one end and a balm on the other. The balm works in a duo manner by not only moisturizing your lips but also seals in the stain.  Reviews on this are so so....the color seems to be a nice rich color but the staying power only proves to be slightly better than a lipstick or gloss.

Next is Stila's lip and cheek stain for $19. This stain is sadly in my opinion a better cheek stain than lip stain as the color just doesn't seem to last very well at all.  It is a very nice beautiful cheek stain though, so if you buy this one buy it for your cheeks.

In the less expensive categories we  have both Maybelline and Revlon that I compared.

Maybelline's lip stain is about $6. This stain looks like a marker and the color stays only ok. I found myself reapplying often and especially after eating it was practically all gone. They have a good range of colors, but this would prob not be my first choice.

Revlon's Just Bitten is also about $6 and is much like Smashbox's in that it has a balm on the opposite end. This balm however does not seal as well as Smashbox's BUT it does has tremendous staying power.  I believe that for $6 this lip stain is the clear winner in the category.

I do have an "insider" tip for you all about lip stains. One time I was at a fashion show and all the girls were wearing this lovely perfect shade of pink. They looked like they had a natural pink flush as if they had just bitten their lips. When I went backstage to ask what it was they were using, the answer blew me away. I have been doing it for years and always get asked what color it is. I get very strange looks by people, but if you can get over it, you will have perfectly pink stained lips that will last longer than any stain i have come across...what is it?

It's pink highlighter. You read that right, pink highlighter, the kind that comes in smelly fruity flavors. You can use any highlighter really, you just need to make sure that its non-toxic. I swear that if you use it  you will be convinced as I am. Sneak into a bathroom, or do it at home your first time ;) add some gloss over and you will be set for most of the day. I carry one in my makeup bag at all times and at less than $1 a marker, you can't beat what it does, nor have I found anything that does it better.

Happy Shopping Bombshells!


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  1. love it! and yes ladies, I've seen her do this and it works beautifully!!


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