Friday, July 1, 2011

Luxe vs. Less

One of the biggest questions that pops up around summer time is how do I get beachy summer waves in my hair? Honestly, who doesn't want them? The look is effortless and to style them is almost just as easy.  This week's Luxe vs. Less compares three of the popular beach wave sprays.


First lets explain how these sprays work...all of the sprays have sea salt incorporated in their formulas, usually attached to polymers, which attach to your hair and give it that "I've been out at the beach all day" look. The sea salt is what creates the waves in our hair.  The application for all of these are to spray on damp hair, scrunch to desired wavy-ness and then let air dry.  Now, I've applied it on dry hair as well and it works well for those who have curly or wavy hair to revive curls.

The most expensive on our list is Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray.  At around $22 a bottle its on the steeper end, BUT this product is loved by many a hairdresser for a variety of reasons. Not only does it create loose beach waves, it also provides amazing texture and volume. This is important for those of you with fine straight hair. Volume, along with slight wave is what you are looking for when trying to create that beach look. This product is also great as a stand alone for volume on the roots....spray on dry roots, tease and you've got a great head of hair.

Next is a great find at around $4 a bottle, it's Garnier Fructis's Wonder Waves spray. I like this product for the price. I did find it to be much more sticky in feel, almost like hairspray, but I almost felt like it had more wave power.

Who doesn't love the purple bottle?? Aussie's sprunch Catch the Wave spray feels like summer and for also around $4 a bottle it's almost a crime not to at least give it a try ;)

I for one am such a fan of beach waves!!! There is of course also the FREE version to achieving these waves, it's called braiding your hair. That's right Bombshells you can have glorious waves with just a little bit of planning.
The night before determine how loose you want your waves...bigger waves? You'll want to section off your hair into bigger pieces and make bigger braids. Tighter Waves? Smaller pieces, smaller braids.  Make them before you go to bed, either damp or dry, although damp hair will set better. In the morning shake out your hair and set with hairspray. You'll look like you were at the beach all day!!

Happy Shopping Dirty Bombshells!! XOXO

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