Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trendy Thursday!!

This week's Trendy Thursday has everything coming up Roses, well Rose Gold that is! Perhaps you have seen that pinky gold color on some of your friends or have caught the eye of that blush gold tone watch?? That beautiful Hue is called Rose Gold and is this summer's must have color accessory. That white watch you bought last season? Its time to replace it with Rose Gold!

Celebs of course love it, just take a look:

Perhaps the reason behind the popularity is that it goes so well with this season's blush tones...

The good thing for us is that Rose Gold looks good on every skin tone, its warmth balanced with its cool, makes it complimentary for every single one of us. No more wondering if Gold washes you out or Silver looks to harsh, Rose Gold is nice and neutral.

It's perfect hue comes from blending both Cooper and Gold together, so if you are out shopping for some and come across anything that says 100% pure rose gold, know there is no such thing, and they are just trying to get you to pay more. 

And of course if you're looking to try it out in something other than Jewelry? You're in luck! The hue is popular from everything from shoes and handbags,
 to Makeup!!

So Dirty Bombshells, Will you be trying out this weeks trend? 


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