Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trendy Thursday!!

It's Trendy Thursday and this week's trend has you wondering is that intentional??? I'm talking about Ombre' haircolor seen on just about every celeb in hollywood at the moment and furiously catching on in the general public. The hair effect which started this past fall, has you leave your roots dark and fade into lighter shades. It often looks like you forgot to color your roots, but it can also look effortlessy sexy.  It definitely has it's appeal, why wouldn't you want to stretch out your time between touch up hair appointments?

The effect can be done with just about any hair color and you can make it as dramatic as you like. It can gradually fade, it can be sunkissed faded, or it can be an obvious stop between colors..all of it is Ombre!
Take a look at how hollywood has pushed this look into the general public, be aware Bombshells this trend will soon be everywhere this summer!

Lauren Conrads obvious ombre'

Ashlee Simpson's dramatic differnce

Drew Barrymore's very dark roots

Megan Fox's more subtle ombre'

Whitney Port's subtle beach blonde effect and the most famous Ombre' Rachel Bilson

So Dirty Bombshells what do you think of the Ombre effect? Utterly Sexy? or Simply Lazy? Will you be trying the Ombre'?

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