Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The eyes they say are the window to the soul, however no one wants to look into eyes that have smeared mascara all over them or smudged eyeliner. Enter the eye makeup remover, BUT not all makeup remover is created equal! It's needs a delicate touch without feeling overly soapy or oily while still being able to remove the toughest waterproof mascara without so much as a tug. I believe I have found it and I've found them at both the high and low end.

My favorite type of eye makeup removers are the dual action kind. The kind that don't necessarily need rinsing and aren't particularly soapy. The reason? They remove makeup with such ease that a single swipe will often have you cleaned up looking like new.

Lets start with Lancome's Bi-Facil. The dual action remover leaves you both clean and refreshed. A 4.2oz bottle will run you about $26 and is a pretty decent remover, gentle enough for even the most sensitive eyes.

Lancome's department store competitor would definitely be Clinique's Take the day off.  Also a dual action remover with one huge added benefit, it removes lipstick as well. As a matter of fact it removes lipstick so well, it takes away the reddest lipstick you can find in one easy swipe, with no traces of it left behind. Also it's oil free, so even our oiliest skins can use it. The same size bottle will run you $18.

Our next dual action remover can be found at your local drugstores, it's Neutrogena's Oil-free eye makeup remover. This remover for all intents and purposes acts and feels the same way as Clinique's does. It does both the eye's, lashes and even though it doesn't say lips, it does, and with ease. I found it one day and decided to give it a try, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Neutrogena's large bottle is 5.5 ounces and will run you about $7.99.
 And just when you thought you couldn't beat $7.99....You can! Most drugstores will put out their store label for the exact same formula as Neutrogena's. Take for example CVS.  You can get their store brand remover, which practically looks the same as Neutrogena's, but you get 6.4 oz at only $5.99. That's pretty competitive.

So the eyes have it...but which? is up to you!!
Happy Shopping Bombshells!!


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