Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There is a new nail craze going around these days...its called shatter nail polish and it gives your nails a cracked look. It's a cool effect that you can use with a variety of color combinations.
Until very recently OPI's Shatter polish was the only way to get it and to this day is very hard to get your hands on a bottle. That is until Sally Hansen decided to make their own version. Launching this month is Sally Hansen's Crackle Nail Polish. It works exactly the same way as OPI's in many of the same colors, So this weeks Luxe vs. Less compares the two for you to decide.
Lets start with OPI. A bottle of black shatter will run you about $13.99 a bottle. The most popular color is of course black. They are sold where ever OPI is sold, usually places like Ulta, Sephora, and Beauty Supply Stores. Finding an actual bottle is a struggle, they sell out quickly, so if you ever spot one i suggest you snatch it up!
The pros about OPI's Shatter? They have a nice thick brush, that allows for even coverage on the nail in one to two sweeps. This is important, the less dipping into the polish the less you waste.
The Cons? OPI's formula is thick and it can get globs and we all know what happens to nail polish with globs, right? You get uneven application and heavy spots.

Let's move on to Sally Hansen's Crackle Nail Polish. This Polish does the same thing as OPI's but a bottle will run you about $6.99. They are sold in most drugstroes such as walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and even Bed Bath Beyond. There is a greater accessibility to this polish.

The Pros? The Sally Hansen formula is Thinner than OPI's and has a much more even application resulting in a nicer cleaner crackle effect.
The Cons? The Brush is small and tiny. You may have to dip into the polish twice to cover one nail and that means faster waste.
Also the metallic colors like the silver and golds didn't crackle as well as OPI's.

OPI carries the Shatter Polish in 6 different shades

While Sally Hansen carries their Crackle Polish in 8 different shades.

Both crackle effect polish's are great! They are fun, and different and the color combinations are endless!
So you decide, are you die hard OPI fan or will you give Sally Hansen a try?

Happy Shopping Bombshells

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