Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IT's Sun-Sational!!!

Bombshells I just came back from an amazing So-cal get away, where I got to walk the many beautiful beaches California has to offer and for the first time this year, it felt like Summer!  This got me thinking that with all that gorgeous sun out there it's time to remind our Dirty Bombshells how to be Sun Safe!  Did you know that Skin Cancer is the #1 Cancer in the United States?! That's a scary statistic, especially when being sun safe is easy to achieve.

It starts with Sunscreen. Easy right? Until you get to the store and you're faced with shelves of the stuff..some say waterproof, sweat proof, SPF 8, 15, 25, 50, 100! UVA, UVB, sensitive skin, active, no rub.....the list goes on, and were often left wondering which is which and if we picked up the right one.
So, a quick lesson on what to look for when you go to pick up your bottle of sunscreen...

First and foremost, it should say that it is a broad spectrum sunscreen protecting against UVA and UVB rays. What are those you ask? Well those are Ultra Violet Rays, and the sun has two kinds, the kind that Burn....UVB and the kind that Age...UVA. Most sunscreens have UVB protection, but as we know the Sun ages us, so we need to make sure we protect against that ray that causes wrinkles!

Next is The Sun Protection Factor or SPF. The SPF should always be at the minimum 15, if you remember anything remember that. 30 is recommended and anything over 50 is probably false. The SPF testing factor can not accurately measure anything over 50 and most dermatologists will agree that anything over  50 is overkill.  The FDA just passed a law stating that no sun screen product can post an SPF  higher than 50 because it's extremely misleading and confusing. If you see one, pass on it, you're not getting any added benefit and probably paying more. Also SPF only measures UVB rays, and not UVA. UVA the rays that age are not measured by SPF, which is why its extra important you get one that says broad spectrum. 

Waterproof? Water resistant? What's the difference? Nothing! That's because despite what the label may say no sunscreen is waterproof they are only water resistant. What that means is that the sunscreen has been formulated to withstand being in water for certain periods of time. That usually is only about 60-80 minutes max.
The most important thing about this is that ALL sunscreen water resistant or not needs to be re-applied every 60-80 minutes and you should be applying about a shot glass worth of that stuff on. I don't know about you, but i don't see too many of us reapplying more than once a day, so it's important to remember to re-apply. Set a timer on your phone as a reminder.

Don't forget about applying sunscreen to all parts of your body! That includes the often forgotten, lips, ears, behind the neck and scalp, and tops and bottoms of feet! All are susceptible to burning, and skin cancer!

Finally laying out in the sun all day regardless of how much SPF you got on is generally not a good idea. To be truly sun smart, you need other things like a wide brim hat for your face, long sleeve shirt and pants. If you are in the sun, seek shelter in the shade and alternate sun and shade.

Remember bombshells, The Sunshine is wonderful but lets be smart about it!! Now go out and enjoy it!! ;)

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