Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Illusionist....

I remember going to a magic show as a child and seeing the girl get sawed in half, amazing card tricks and the tiger disappearing into thin air. How did they do that? I later learned that it was all smoke and mirrors, an illusion to make appear what may or may not exist.
The funny thing is that we are faced with Illusions everyday, but these illusions are not so easy to uncover, not so easy to spot. They are illusions of body image created by media that we see and interpret into our lives. WE are made to believe that a certain body type is more desirable than another. That a certain hair type and length is prettier than another, what to wear and what to not. We are shown these things everyday and it affects they way we see ourselves and each other. But, they are illusions created to make perfection, when no one is perfect.

Skinny is valued very highly in our society. However, what is skinny? and why should skinny be the only thing that's beautiful? Why is FAT ugly? and what constitutes fat? I'm asking these questions bombshells, not to get so much an answer but to make you think about why it is we put a value on weight? Our young girls are starving themselves to be thin. Anorexia, bulimia and work out aholics are dangerously rising....yet if we knew that what we see is not what it is, maybe we wouldn't put so much pressure on ourselves to reach an unreal illusion.

Take a look at these photos of celebs who have been photo shopped into the perfection that we hold them at. I don't know about you, but I like knowing that my favorite pop star has cellulite. She's  human that way.
Look at this pic of Jessica Alba where they have made her skinner and have bigger boobs

They even take the skinny girls and make them more perfect...take this flub from Victoria's Secret catalog where they added a little too much definition to a thin model
 Faith Hill has wrinkles, but we don't believe she does after photo shop. We're made to believe we should forever look young

Madonna is over 50 years old, but you'd think she was 25 with that smooth radiant skin

Look at this last photo, see how it's retouched and read what it says, Is that you?
70%, that's high number of low self esteem, poor body image and self confidence. Especially when its all  smoke and mirrors. 

Let me point out yet another example, take a look at this stunning young model. She gets a lot of work, what do you think of her?

This beautiful lady is Ashley Graham. She's 22 years old and a Ford model, she's also a size 16. Does your perception of her change now? 

It shouldn't as most women in America are a size 14 and above and yet Ashley's commerical for Lane Bryant's lingerie got pulled for being too revealing....

It got pulled from being aired on ABC and CBS...CBS who airs the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. How is that any more revealing than this?

Apparently what is sexy to Victoria's Secret is NOT the majority of the population of women.

So Dirty Bombshells I ask you to take a moment and ask yourself how you are influenced by the illusions the media wants us to see and believe. I want you to think about Ashley Graham the next time you see a Victoria Secret's commercial and ask why they have no one over the size of 2. I want you to look at that magazine cover and realize that there is no possible way that celeb can have no wrinkles and creases whatsoever and most importantly I want you to see the Illusion and to catch yourself the next time you wish you were that skinny or had those lips. I want you to Think about how it affects your own self image and how you will start to change it.


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