Monday, May 23, 2011


Sometimes things are not always what they seem to be, and that holds very true for cosmetics. We often believe that because it's sold in a department store or costs a trillion dollars per ounce that it MUST be better right? Well sometimes that tube of mascara, lipstick, moisturizer, hairspray at your local drugstore is actually better. If you're like me, sometimes you just don't want to pay the trillion dollars but want something just as good. So Bombshells, I bring you My Luxe vs. Less posts to compare the pricey vs. the not so much and let you decide.

Summer is almost here and for most that means a lighter moisturizer. Let's compare Moisture supplements. Today's Luxe vs. Less compares Clinique's Moisture Surge vs. Garnier Fructis's Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream.

Both products claim to being a lightweight gel that moisturizes and refreshes skin instantly.
I have been a long time fan of Clinique's Moisture Surge, until Garnier, there really wasn't anything else like it on the market. This pink Gel smoothes on to your face and immediately gets absorbed. There is no after feeling of cream or heaviness at all. Clinque promises 24 hours of hydration and plumped up skin. It is a moisture heaven in a jar so to speak. It leaves the skin so soft and supple after application, that you are tempted to apply the whole jar.
When I opened up the jar of Garnier's Moisture Rescue I was skeptical, this gel was green not pink, but i was more than pleasantly surprised!!! It was so much like Clinique's ( I mean even the photo campaign is similar) I could not believe it. The noted difference, cliniques is a tad bit more moisturizing, but not by much. Also the one down fall? Garnier has grape seed extract which if you have any kind of break in your skin, it will slightly burn and it has a fragrance I could do without.

However Garnier will run you under $10 for a 1oz jar, Clinique $34. That is quite the considerable difference. So the choice is up to you my bombshells!!

I believe in both products and believe that every Bombshell should have one or the other on hand. It can be used so many different ways, which is why I love the product so much. Here are some of my favorite ways to use it:

1)On those hot summer days, stick your jar in the fridge and when you apply it in the mornings you will find yourself cooled and refreshed

2) Mix half amounts of either product and your foundation...the result is a sheer moisturizing tint (and you didn't even have to pay for it )

3)As a mask....apply an even layer all over your face and leave on for 5 minutes. Wipe off the excess after, if you can find any!! Watch how your face just soaks it all up ;)

4)Use as a mid day refresher...tap over your makeup to instantly plump
your skin and give yourself a fresh dewy look.

I'd also like to note that both products are great for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin as they don't clog or bother pores.

My only con to both...they come in jars, so make sure that when you dip in you use a clean washed hand or a spatula to get out the gel.

Happy Shopping Bombshells,

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