Friday, July 9, 2010

Agent Provocateur

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was growing up, I would have politely told you a ballerina. While this was partly true, the reality was I wanted to be a secret agent. Quite an odd choice for a child, right? Let's think this through for a moment, through my perspective....I was a child that LOVED clothes, and dressing up ,(not much has changed there) so for me the allure of being Spy was becoming a Master of Disguise. My love affair with the Spy has since grown and I especially love any Movie that even has anything remotely to do with espionage. With the Salt movie releasing soon I thought I'd countdown some of my all time favorite spies...

1)Lets start with what I can only really attribute where it all began for me. This fashionably chic woman, with her timeless trench coat, had me on my computer glued trying not only to allude those after me, but
finding justwhere in the hell she was.....

Carmen San Diego???!!

Where in the world are you now??

2) Growing up I'd watch him with my dad and we'd bond over more than just the man.
James Bond is the ultimate SPY...he was a ladies charmer, quick on his toes and boy oh boy....did he have the BEST TOYS! Yes 007 will always be the quintessitional international man of mystery for me and where I believe I started to grow an affection for electronic gadgets and sweet european cars....

3)Speaking of mysteries....the life of the spy is really one oke that involves being able to assume just about any identity and to do so successfully. There was really only one show that took that idea to the next level, they not only took on their subjects persona, they took their faces. Mission Impossible was the spy show that showed us what a master of disguise literally was and Ethan Hawke revealed his many different faces. Who could forget Tom Cruise free falling unitl an inch of the floor? This message will self destruct in 5 seconds...5...4...3....2...

4) Not all spies are good, and not all spies are bad, but sometimes spies don't remember who they are. Case in point: Jason Bourne. An
assassian who can't remember who he is but has people trying to kill him for what he knows makes for an exciting movie. Fast paced and action packed Jason Bourne shows us that he's not an assassian you'd want to mess with but understand why people would.

5) Name? Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes please! International
man of mystery Austin Powers showed us the sometimes very funny side of being a spy. Who says that espionage had to just be business, it could be pleasure as well ;) Austin powers may have only gotten into more trouble than not, but he still managed to get the job done and somehow got the girl ;) yeah baby, yeah.

6) This spy is my personal favorite spy of all time. Why? because for me she personified everything I always thought a spy was. Smart, sexy, resourceful, determined, knew her way around electronics and a gun, all while looking like a million different bucks. Sydney Bristow from Alias is my spy dream come true. Jennifer Garner was a kick ass spy, every episode was her trying to obtain the intel while trying to balance her normal life with her "secret" one. There were secret code names, secret missions, and the best part..a disguise,complete with wigs and foreign accents for every part of the world we visited on her journey. Plus she had what every spy lover knows is the quintessential spy back story...recruited out of college...working at a secret location that doubles as a normal boring place and has a handler. Love Love Love Alias! and even though it got a little wonky in the story line at the end, she still was the baddest ass I liked to be.

So there you have favorite spies of all time. As my obsession would have it SALT is just the beginning of many more spy themes to come. 2009 may have been the year of the vampire but 2010 and 2011 is shaping up to be the year of the spy. Check out these spy shows coming soon:

Covert Affairs on USA
I'm quite excited about this show....mainly because it seems to be a resurrection of spy next door piper
perabo tries to balance her secret life and her normal one.

Undercovers on NBC

This show is written by no one other than Alias creator himself J.J. Abrams....promoting Sexspionage, this show is about a married spy couple trying to find stability in their marriage while trying to obtain sexy spy secrets. Nothing says sexy like two spies kicking ass trying to obtain intel. ;)

Love, Laugh and Live Beautifully,

Your secret agent provocateur
Monica AKA " Natasha"

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