Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mannequin your skin......

As I flip through the pages of my magazine and I see how everyone has flawless looking skin, I get envious. Then I realize that most these people do not have flawless skin but are photoshopped. Then one day I was out shopping, like I normally am, and came across something called a primer. Now, I have to tell you this was way way back when, when primers were something no one had ever heard of, so I was a little weary that it would work. Back then, it was ok, but since then primers and their technology have exploded.

Think of a primer for your face exactly like a primer for your paint. It does essentially the same thing, making your face and your makeup look photoshopped perfection. It holds your makeup "paint" in place, preventing smears, runoffs and oil. I highly suggest every woman buy a primer. Even if you have 12 year old skin, your makeup will not only stay put longer, it has a nice even canvas to work with making everything smooth and flawless, just like a mannequin. Here are my top three favorite primer's to try...from the expensive to the inexpensive.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer retails for about $30 and is really one of the forerunners for primers. This primer is very lightweight, it comes out as a lotion and once on the face feels almost as if there is nothing there. Great for those of you who can not even stand the feel of makeup.

Smashbox Photo Finish primer retails for about $36 and in opinion is the one thing that is absolutely worth the money. This small and mighty bottle not only keeps your makeup fresh all day long, it mattifies your skin. So for those of us who have oily skin, this is a god send. You can wear it alone without makeup and your skin looks truly looks "photofinished"
It is a gel based product and while its not heavy on the skin, it isn't as light as the laura mercier.

Loreal's Secret primer with retails for $10.99. This really is a great primer for the price! At $10.99 Loreal has seemed to capture what primer's twice their price do. After I tried it, it really helped set my makeup and kept it all day. My only concern is that it comes in a tiny jar, and I'm not a fan of sticking my fingers in jars to get product. What I do instead is grab my concealer/foundation brush, grab and put it on this way. This primer is more of a gel texture as well, and at times felt the heaviest of the three for me. It also didn't mattify as well as the smashbox primer. However, if you are on a budget, this primer is wonderful!!

Who said the only thing that can be flawless are mannequins ;)

Love, Laugh, and Live Beautifully!


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