Friday, April 30, 2010

Read My Lips.....

I remember when Kim Kardashian was merely a second removed friend of Paris Hilton. She popped in now and then on the red carpet to pose with her super Hilton friend, but no one thought twice about her. Then came the sex tape and Kim Kardashian was a household name. Now a days Kim's on every ones lips but it has nothing to do with her former sex tape.. If you're like me the Kardashians are my favorite obsession and what she wears on the red carpet is dull compared to what she wears on her face, particularly her lips. Kim has made nude lipstick the color to wear and no one wears it quite like Kim. So if you're looking for that perfect nude combo like Kim's, I finally have it!!!

You will need MAC's lip liner in Stripdown. Line the outer edges of your lips as well as fill them in.

You will then need MAC's lipstick in Myth. It's the perfect shade of nude with hints of pale pink.

Top it off with NARS Turkish delight and you have the Perfect color of nude.
Now Kim also loves to change it up with color and I thought I'd include some of my favorite shades to wear as well.

I love RED lipstick, it speaks so much and if done right looks absolutely classic. My choice for the perfect Red starts with MAC's cremestick liner in Red enriched. I top that off with MAC's "Red" she said. You could leave it at that, but the Red is a little on the bright side so I tone it done with MAC's lipglass in Russian Red.

I love to wear hot pink, the brighter the better for me. I love Prestige's lipliner in Diva topped off with MAC's lipglass in True Babe. If I really want impact I'll fill it in with MAC's lipstick in Girl About Town.
Finally, to quote my favorite movie and Elle woods "Whoever said orange was the new pink, is seriously deranged." However, this spring Orange is the new pink and I know that its a color most of us won't dare to wear. Its a shame really, because most people look great in orange I challenge you to give it a try. My fav? Starts with a nude liner..I like NYX in natural. I then top it off with Revlons Kiss me Coral. A little goes a long way with that one and to top it off I use NAR's lipgloss in Orgasm. The result is a pretty summery coral.
Love, Laugh and Live Beautifully,
Monica xoxo

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  1. Monica, you kinda look like her! <3



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