Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Love Fashion Baby....

I have, since I was old enough to remember, loved one thing: Fashion. In particular; party dresses. I am not joking when I tell you that as a child I wore nothing but party dresses. I wore them to school, I wore them to play, and I wore them around the house. My mother pleaded with me on a daily basis to Please! Please! wear some pants....but the ruffly, pink taffetta, lace, pretty bowed dresses always won. As a matter of fact, I never wore pants until the 7th grade ;)

I felt pretty in my party dresses and I didn't care that I probably looked pretty ridiculous riding around in my big wheel in the finest of attire. It never mattered to me, those dresses were ME. I find it funny that to this day, while I don't wear my party dresses everywhere and everyday, they are still my favorite things to wear. Fashion and anything that has to do with it, is my passion in life. I love to dress up, I love to do my hair and my makeup, I love to watch fashion shows, and recently I love to sew my own things (although I have to say, it's much harder than it looks)
I have a philosophy about fashion, I don't believe that it has to cost an arm and a leg to be fashionable. While I drool over couture and designer labels, I have never been a label whore. I have never been the type of girl who only wants to wear a certain designer, or snuffs something because its not. I don't care if it costs $1000 or $10, if it's cute, I'm wearing it. Most of us are not made of money, but that doesn't mean we are less fashionable than those who can.

I have picked up so much knowledge in the area of fashion...tips and tricks that i've learned since I read my first teen magazine at the age of 11. Tips that some of you might know, and others might not. Some of them are my own, some I've picked up from websites, magazines, and other people.

I want to share this passion with anyone who will listen, and make this world we live in a more beauty filled life ;)

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